Philippi is part of the history of ancient Greece, but also the link of antiquity to Christianity!

At Agia Varvara’s park in Drama, the sparkling waters give life to a magical setting with lakes and perennial trees!

Alistratis Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful Caves of Europe with a total length of 3 km!


Philippi, an important archaeological site that gives you the opportunity to explore two important historical periods: the time between the Macedonian and the Romanian periods.

Really close to Philippi is the Chapel of Saint Lydia, where the first woman in Europe, Lydia, was baptized by Apostle Paul.

Drama – Cave of Alistrati

After Philippi, you will visit Drama. There we will visit the famous park of Agia Varvara, with its small rivers and wooden bridges.

The final destination is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, the Alistratis Cave. The rich decoration of the cave includes, in addition to huge stalactites and stalagmites in various colors and rare eccentrics.